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Great product design and optical performance.
With 2mm thin gold copper ring (only few manufacturers make something like this)

From left to right is from the rough to the finished molding process, the cost difference of an aluminum brass frame is up to seven times. The chart below shows, from the rough to the finished product, to loss exceeds 91% of the raw material, measured using a millionth of a gram precision electronic balanceHere we compare our product with the Japanese brand. The difference in thickness using the world's top-ranked Swiss TESA, metering chamber MSA long-term tracking, to ensure accuracy
The machining accuracy guarantee about 10μm (general thickness at around 200μm)Actual comparison, we can clearly see the difference in thickness frameAfter some research of top quality glass, we came up with German Schott B270 glass, 1.1mm ultra-thin models. Germany and Japan, which are the top two manufacturers of UV products. I posted two pictures to show the thickness difference , below you can see for yourself. Short by 1.1mm thin glass substrate. All the edges of the glass matting were treated to prevent diffuse reflection, the coating were manufactured absolutely first-class, even to several Japanese camera factory were tested, you can rest assure with its quality.Common commercial product, exactly twice as thickNext is the optical performance
first is [rate] + [light through color shift]
Test Equipment Fuji x100, shooting at f5.6 1/30 respectively MWB case
[1] Without a UV; [2] a + W XSPRO; [3] Our UV; [4] high-unknown model, four cases

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