GreenL Slim SSC UV Ultra-thin Coating UV Filter


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Name: SLIM SSC UV (Ultra-thin Coating UV lens filter)
Brand: GreenL
Size: ##mm

This UV lens filter is very pretty on the appearance, medium thickness, wide, ultra-wide lenses without vignetting. UV filter to protect the lens.

1. We choose high-quality optical glass to make it.
2. The selection of high-quality aluminum lens ring, the third generation of clamping ring GreenL process (Patent No.: ZL201220710105.2) effectively prevent loosening of the lens, no mounting slot. Mirror ring extinction treatment, non-reflective.
3. The lens ring thickness 5.0m, effective thickness 2.9mm.
4. GreenL research SSC antireflection coatings, double layers, optical transmittance of 96%.

Compatible With :
If you can not sure your lens size, please look the inside of yours lens cap. You
will find the mark for the lens caliber.

40.5mm: Nikon J1, V1, Olympus EP-1, EP-2 and so on
49mm: Sony NEX series 18-55 & other 49mm lens
52mm: Nikon 18-55, Canon 50 / 1.8, Nikon 50 / 1.8D & other 52mm lens
55mm: Sony 18-55,55-200,55-250 & other 55mm lens
58mm: Canon 18-55,55-250 applicable, Nikon 50 / 1.4G, 50 / 1.8G & other 58mm lens
62mm: Pentax 18-135,18-250 & other 62mm lens
67mm: Canon 18-135,70-200mm f / 4L IS USM, Nikon 18-105 & other 67mm lens
72mm: Canon, Nikon 18-200, 72 Canon 15-85 lens.
77mm: Canon, Nikon and other 70-200,24-70,24-105 & other 77mm lens
82mm: Canon 16-35 & other 82mm lens

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