Ultra-thin Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Canon Fujifilm Sony


₱217.00 PHP 


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Product characteristics:
The new high-definition electrostatic adsorption type toughened film, without glue; no glue residue removed, explosion proof, anti-collision, scratch resistant, dustproof, anti aging; simple installation, no bubble.

Methods of use:
1. wipe the camera screen with a wet towel, Wet, and a dry paper towel Dry.
2. use dust removing screen to remove dust from the screen.
3. tear off the No. 1 face and align the toughened film on the screen.
4. slowly let the film automatically adsorbed on the screen, gently press to complete the film.

Package Includes:
- Tempered Glass Film
- 1x wet wipes
- 1x dry wipes
- 1x stickers

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