JJC Deluxe Soft Release Button for Leica MType240 Fujifilm Sony


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The newly designed JJC SRB series Deluxe Soft Release Button is made of pure copper and features microfiber leather on its surface, which ensures a soft and comfortable finger touch at the top of your camera. Just screw the SRB soft release button into shutter release button's threads and you will enjoy the soft and steady shutter release operation. It also decorates your camera, which will make your camera look stylish and elegant. After it is mounted on your camera, each time you capture a photo, you can feel its soft and comfortable surface. Additionally, this series Deluxe Soft Release Button is available in 16 models. Two rubber rings are included in each package, which are mainly used for Fujifilm X series cameras to ensure a tight attachment. Moreover, if your flat camera shutter button is not equipped with a female thread, you can use JJC SRB-M (optional) to help JJC SRB to mount.

Product Highlights
Pure copper material with microfiber leather
Ensures a soft and comfortable finger touch at the top of your camera
Effectively reduces camera vibration
Decorates your camera and makes it look stylish and elegant
Comes with 2 rubber rings for tight attachment
16 different models available


Weight Net  Weight(g) 3g
Gross Weight(g)  8g
Size Full Size Ф12mm*8mm
Package Packaging type Carton
Packing size 48*15*63mm
Material Pure Copper+Microfiber Leather






M7/M8/M8.2/M9/M9-P/M10/M-E/M-P/M-A/M-Monochrom/M Type 240


F-1, New F-1, AE-1 (FD mount)




RX1/RX1 R/RX1R II/RX10/RX10 II/RX10 III/RX10 IV (Sony RX1 series does not need to install the rubber ring)

Other Brands

Minolta XD7, Minolta SR-7, Rollei (LM mount), Olympus OM-1, Hassellad 503CW

JJC SRB series soft release button also fits other cameras with a shutter release socket which is compatible with a mechanical shutter release cable.

Package Includes
Deluxe Soft Release Button x 1
Rubber Ring x 2
Rubber Ring Instruction Manual x 1

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