JJC HS-A Leather Hand Grip Strap with Grip Wheel


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JJC HS-A Grip belt is designed for any SONY alpha system cameras and most of CANON, NIKON, PENTAX, OLYMPUS and SAMSUNG DSLR cameras. JJC HS-A grip belt gives you a safe and secure one-handed hold on your camera, leaving your other hand free to operate camera. Its simple adjustment system provides a snug fit with all Sony α (alpha) System DSLR models, with or without vertical grip accessory attached. A simple and easy adjustment system (patent pending) lets you attach the Grip Belt to your camera and adjust the fit to your hand with a self-fastening strap even after the belt is attached. With the Grip Belt attached, you can still change batteries in your α (alpha) System DSLR -- saving time when you’re shooting. The HS-A design allows your camera to be mounted on a tripod with Grip Belt attached, so you never have to take it off to change your shooting style.

Specifications: 11.8cm x 5.3cm
Model: HS-A
Material: Genuine Leather
Weight: 44g

Compatible with:
 SONY A100 A200 A290 A300
 SONY A330A350 A380 A390
 SONY A450 A500 A550 A560
 SONY A5800 A700 A850 A900
 NIKON D system CANON EOS system PENTAX K system
 SAMSUNG GX system OLYMPUS E system

*PLEASE NOTE: Camera not included only for your reference.  

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