Hot Shoe Thumbs Up Grip for Canon EOS M G11 G12 NIKON P7100 P7700 COOLPIX A,Fujifilm X100 X100S X-E1 X20 X-pro1 Pentax Q Q7 Q10 K10, Leica X Vario D-Lux 6 5 X2 ME M9 M9-P M8


₱650.00 PHP 
Color:  Blue

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Brand NewCompatible with:
All Cameras which have standard hot shoe
Especially the small size camera
Leica X Vario, D-Lux6, D-LUX 5, X2, ME, M9, M9-P, M8
Canon G7 G9 G10 G11 G12 G15 G1X EOS M
Pentax Q, Q7, Q10, K01
Fujifilm X100 X100S X-E1 X10 X20 X-pro1
Panasonic LX7 LX5 LX3
GH3 G5 GX1 G3 GF2 GF1 G10
Olumpus OM-D EM-5
PEN E-P3 E-P2 E-P1 E-PL5 E-PL3 E-PL2 E-PL1 E-PM2 E-PM1 XZ-2 XZ-1
SAMSUNG NX300 NX2000 NX1000
Not fit for Leica M7 MP, Sony Micro DSLR Camera

Package includes:
Thumbs Up Grip x 1
Screw Driver x 1

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