Fujian 50mm F1.4 CCTV Camera Lens


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This CCTV Lens features alloy casing with quality lens.
It is ideal for use in bars, shops, parking lots, houses and warehouse, etc.
It gives you the widest field of view image avaialble with a C mount lens.
This CCTV Camera Lens provides ultra clear vision for your camera.
Incorporates advanced optical elements to ensure all-around sharpness and efficient light conductivity. Its iris can be manually adjusted according to available light levels.

Mount type: C mount
Focal length : 50mm
Iris/ Focus operation: manual
Angle of view: 13.8
Without Infinity Focus

Attach your C mount lens to your Nikon 1 mirrorless camera with this adapter. There is no electronic element in the adapter, aperture and focusing must be manually control. This fabulous adapter can enable the camera owners to increase the cameras' magnification and working distance.

Solid metal mount lens adapter allows C Mount Movie Lens to be used on Nikon 1 Mirrorless camera body
Meter exposure functions
Superior quality, made of anodized aluminum, smooth surface finishing
Lens with near-thread diameter larger than 37.2mm but smaller than 49.2mm still can fit, but will not focus to infinity

- This lens is good for Portrait Photography, but it not good for Landscape Photography.
- The sharpness in the center is fine, but the border is soft.
- It looks like a tilt lens.

Macro 25mm for very naked eye see the + multiple macro ring can shoot clear, LOMO effect is obvious,

35mm suitable for portraits economy, small scenes, macro, video, blur effect is obvious, to add to their camera of choice for a large aperture members!

50mm cool type suitable for portraits, wait greater than 35 scenes, good camera effects, the real performance of large aperture

Package Included:
1x 50mm F1.4 CCTV Movie lens
1x Rear Cup
1x Front Lens caps
*NOTE: Adapter and Macro Ring (separate purchase) >> open this link

Compatible Adapter Ring:
- Sony (C-NEX)
- Panasonic (C-M3/4)
- Nikon (C-N1)
- Pentax Q (C-PTX/Q)
- Canon EOSM (C-EOS M)
- Fujifilm (C-FX)

Compatible with cameras including:
(C-N1) Lens Adapter:
- Nikon 1 mirrorless Camera
- Models: AW1, S2, J4, V3, J3, V2, J2, S1, J1, V1,N1

(C-FX) Lens Adapter:
- Fujifilm X-E2 X-E1 X-Pro1 X-M1 X-A2 X-A1 X-T1

(C-M3/4) Lens Adapter:
- Panasonic -GX85 , G85GK , GF7K, GF7c , GX1, GX7, GX7K , GX8 ,GX8H , GM5, GM4 ,
GM1, GH3HGK, GH3AGK, GF1,GF2,GF3,GF5,GF6.GF7,GF8,GF9, GH1 , GH2, HG3 , GH4 , GH5 , G7H , G7K , G1 , G2 , G3 , G5 , G6 , G7 , G10
for Olympus - EP6, EPL7, EPL6, EPL5, EPM3, EPM2, EP3, EPL3, EPM1, EPL2, EPL1S, EPL1, EP2, EP1,OM-D,E-M5,E-M10,E-M10 II

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