DSTE NP-40 1400mAh Battery and Charger for Fujifilm F470 F402 F455 F460


₱419.00 PHP 


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Brand New
Warranty: 3 Months Replacement

₱419 [FNP-40] NP40 NP-40 battery
₱769  2 Battery
₱1,109  3 Battery
₱399  [DC29] Charger
₱799  1 Battery + Charger
₱1,099  2 Battery + Charger
₱1,419  3 Battery + Charger

Battery's Introduction:

Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Full Decoded Version: Just the same use as your original battery
Output Voltage: DC 4.2 V(Max);DC 3.6 V(Mean)
Capacity: 5.2 Wh/1400 mAh
Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 Degree

Charger's Introduction:
Output: 4.2V--500 mA 

Compatible Camera/Camcorder Models:
BENQ: Benq DC X600       Benq X600
FUJIFIL:  Finepix J50 FinePix V10    FinePix V10 Zoom FinePix F402  
                FinePix F455  FinePix F455 Zoom FinePix F460  FinePix F460 Zoom
                FinePix F470  FinePix F470 Zoom FinePix F480  FinePix F610                            FinePix F610 Zoom FinePix F650  FinePix F650 Zoom 
                FinePix F700  FinePix F700 Zoom FinePix F710
                FinePix F810  FinePix F810 Zoom FinePix F811
                FinePix Z1  FinePix Z1 Zoom FinePix Z2  FinePix Z3 Zoom                                  FinePix Z5fd
Kodak :   Kodak EasyShare C763
KONICA MINOLTA: Konica Minolta Dimage X1
PENTAX:  Pentax Optio A10  Pentax Optio A20  Pentax Optio A30
                              Pentax Optio A36  Pentax Optio A40  Pentax Optio E65
                              Pentax Optio L20  Pentax Optio T10  Pentax Optio T20
                              Pentax Optio W10  Pentax Optio W20  Pentax Optio WP
                              Pentax Optio WPi  Pentax Optio X
                              Optio S  Optio S4  Optio S4i  Optio S5i  Optio S5n Optio S5z
                              Optio S6  Optio S7  Optio SV  Optio SVi
                              Pentax Optio E75  Pentax Optio E85  Pentax Optio M85
RICOH: Ricoh Caplio 10G
SAMSUNG:   Samsung Digimax #1
                      Samsung Digimax i5  Samsung Digimax i6 PMP
                      Samsung Digimax L50  Samsung Digimax L60  Samsung L73 
                      Samsung Digimax L80  Samsung Digimax i50 MP3
                      Samsung i70  Samsung i70S
                      Samsung L700  Samsung L700S

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