DSTE DMW-BCK7E 1350mAh Battery and Charger for Panasonic S1 FX77


₱549.00 PHP 


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Brand New
Warranty: 3 Months Replacement

₱519 DMW-BCK7E Battery
₱929 2 Battery
₱1,249 3 Battery
₱479 [DC118] Charger
₱889  1 Battery + Charger
₱1,279 2 Battery + Charger
₱1,549  3 Battery + Charger

Battery's Introduction:
Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Full Decoded Version: Just the same use as your original battery
Output Voltage: DC 4.2 V(Max);DC 3.6 V(Mean)
Capacity: 5.0 Wh/1350 mAh
Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 Degree

Charger's Introuction:
Input: 5V--1A
Output: 4.2V--500 mA
Compatible Camera/Camcorder Models:
FOR  Panasonic: Lumix DMC-FH2  DMC-FH25 DMC-FH25A DMC-FH25K
                            DMC-FH25R DMC-FH25S DMC-FH25V DMC-FH27
                            DMC-FH27K DMC-FH27R DMC-FH27S DMC-FH2A 
                            DMC-FH2K DMC-FH2P DMC-FH2R DMC-FH2S
                            DMC-FH5 DMC-FH5K DMC-FH5N DMC-FH5P
                            DMC-FH5S DMC-FH5V DMC-FP5 DMC-FP5A
                            DMC-FP5G DMC-FP5K DMC-FP5P DMC-FP5S
                            DMC-FP7 DMC-FP7A DMC-FP7K DMC-FP7N
                            DMC-FP7P DMC-FP7R DMC-FP7S DMC-FS16
                            DMC-FS16A DMC-FS16K DMC-FS16P DMC-FS16R
                            DMC-FS16S DMC-FS18 DMC-FS18K DMC-FS18N
                            DMC-FS18P DMC-FS18S DMC-FS18V DMC-FS35 
                            DMC-FS35A DMC-FS35K DMC-FS35R DMC-FS35S
                            DMC-FS35V DMC-FS37 DMC-FS37K DMC-FS37R
                            DMC-FS37S DMC-FX77 DMC-FX77A DMC-FX77K
                            DMC-FX77N DMC-FX77P DMC-FX77S DMC-FX77W
                            DMC-FX78 DMC-FX78A DMC-FX78K DMC-FX78N
                            DMC-FX78P DMC-FX78S DMC-FX78W DMC-S1
                            DMC-S1A DMC-S1K DMC-S1N DMC-S1P DMC-S1S
                            DMC-S1W DMC-S3 DMC-S3A DMC-S3K DMC-S3PA
                            DMC-S3R DMC-S3V DMC-S3W

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