Biyang Livemaster LM-4 / LM-7 / LM-10 Looper Pedal / Modules


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  • Looper pedal with effects sold separately. 
  • Tap Tempo.
  • Store combinations of effects.
  • True bypass.
  • An easy, clean and professional setup.

The Livemaster is a new concept from Biyang. You slot smaller effects / utility units into the main looper units. This massively cuts down on cables and space required. 

You first need the Livemaster Mainframe unit which can then hold the smaller units. The Mainframe and the units are sold separately so you can buy just the modules you want. The Livemaster Mainframe comes in 3 variations. One which can hold 4, 7 and 10 units. The Livemaster will be able to store combinations depending on which version you have. So you can store 3 on the LM-4, 8 on the LM-7 and 12 on the LM-10. This is done by using Red / Blue mode on the LM-7 and LM-10.

It’s very easy to connect and remove a module due to the way they clip into the Mainframe. A module can literally be inserted and removed again in a matter of seconds. This makes it possible to arrange your setup quickly during a gig, 

The Modules:

The modules feature Biyang’s line of existing pedals, utility modules, as well as some new modules which are heavily influenced by existing pedals. This is because Biyang know Here is a list of the current modules:

  • AS-151 Amp Switch Module – Changes the amplifier channel.
  • BT-151 Boost Module – A new Boost effect from Biyang.
  • PH-151 Phase Module – The Biyang PH-10 pedal.
  • CO-151 Compressor Module – The Biyang CO10 pedal.
  • LP-151 Loop Module – Put a pedal into the effects loop
  • AD-151 Delay Module – The Biyang AD-10 pedal.
  • OD-151 Overdrive Module – The Biyang OD10 pedal.
  • CH-151 Chorus Module – The Biyang CH10 pedal.
  • DR-151 Delay Reverb Module – Combined Biyang RV10 and AD10. Takes 2 slots.
  • DS-151 Distortion Module – The Biyang DS10 pedal.
  • DS-163 Crunch - Influenced by the MI Audio Crunch Box
  • OD-163 Overdrive - Influenced by the Fulltone OCD
  • OD-162 Preamp - Influenced by the Xotic BB Preamp
  • DS-162 Distortion - Influenced by the Boss DS1

More modules coming soon, but not in stock such as the Marshall Gov'Nor pedal, a tuner and a digital delay.

LM-4 LIVEMASTER 4 channels
Install 4 modulars, 3 preset combinatio.
LM-7 LIVEMASTER 7 channels
Install 7 modulars, 8 preset combination.(4 red pages, 4 blue pages) 
LM-10 LIVEMASTER 10 channels
Install 10 modulars, 12 preset combination.(6 red pages, 6 blue pages) 

Modes LM-4 LM-7 LM-10
Power Interface INPUT×1,RETURN×1,Power Interface×1 INPUT×1,RETURN×1,Power Interface×1 INPUT×1,RETURN×1,Power Interface×1
Module channel 4 7 10
Preset tone 3 8 12
Switch channel(module)switch×4,Preset switch×3 channel(module)switch×7,Preset switch×4,page key ×1 channel(module))switch×10,Preset switch×4×6,page key ×1
Double tap to Preset
(TAP Tempo)
Supported Supported Supported
TAP Tempo Supported Supported Supported
BOOST Supported Supported Supported
Power Supply AC adaptor AC adaptor AC adaptor
Accessories AC adaptor×1, Instruction Manual(packing box)×1 AC adaptor×1, Instruction Manual(packing box)×1 AC adaptor×1, Instruction Manual(packing box)×1
SIZE 184mm(L)×129mm(W)×57mm(H) 322mm(L)×129mm(W)×57mm(H) 460mm(L)×129mm(W)×57mm(H)
Weight 640g 1080g 1500g

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