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effect without hood..,
with hood..,

Shooting environment..,
Note: Text below is just translated from [Google Translate] Original text is in Chinese. Just for reference (might be confusing to understand) 
With exclusive custom UV ultimate slim design will be able to achieve the optimal effect! (Hereinafter have physical contrast effect)


Ring II lasted for three months and finally we have completed the research and development, during the same time to complete the relevant patent filed, no fewer than ten kinds of programs to try, surface vendors looking thirty-four eventually designated a company specializing in Japanese factory, quality is very satisfying to seeing the outcome.

this second generation Ring, our goal is simple, beyond the original

The design did several significant improvements
[1] The Ring of the original lens cap support
[2] entirely consistent with the original matte surface treatment, the complete elimination of the inner surface of the diffuse
[3] diamond knife precision CNC CNC body, bold body color aerospace alloys reservations, although with different lens colors, unexpected physical effects of absolutely no sense, and this time specifically did not do artificial oxidation, natural oxidation will use for some time, the color will gradually become very close with the lens, the effect late last I know, like playing vegetable tanned leather buy leather expect changes, very interesting

Next will be divided [quality] with [design] two parts to introduce

The first is  [quality], this collection of four Ring
[1] LGS II adapter ring, the inner face has completely consistent with the original matte black treatment, outside reservations aerospace alloy body color, the overall use of expensive diamond tools in precision CNC machine tools cutting is completed, the processing accuracy equivalent twentieth adult hair! [Front right]

[2] The original Ring pretty smooth finish Similarly, you can see, the inner surface of the second generation of the extinction process and LGS exactly [Left Front]

[3] LGS generation Ring, there are problems within the rough surface finishing, the outside is relatively sloppy [left rear]

[4] We can clearly get to see the Ring's rough machining precision, the inner surface of the paint chipped paint , unsightly [right rear]
Note: Text below is just translated from [Google Translate] Original text is in Chinese. Just for reference (might be confusing to understand) 
Next is..,

[1] Unique in the industry only at LGS. Can match the original lens cover design, address the use of various types of adapter ring after the original lens cap failure problem, relying on strict requirements for precision and damping with the original sense indistinguishable
[2] The UV opportunity to take their own customized collection of the common market all kinds 49UV, carefully considered when designing the matching market of various types of UV solve the generation of B + W XSPRO incompatibility problems , of course, you choose to store the limit recommended slim UV, not only can get better performance, while you can get a better fitting effect

Here is the demonstration of some UV Slim out in the market
Note: Text below is just translated from [Google Translate] Original text is in Chinese. Just for reference (might be confusing to understand) 
Hood role

Some people think Camera Hood is no importance, here we took two photos for comparison , x100 are the actual pictures, we take a look at the hood there is no use. At the same time we noticed that people come back from the question, why there are fingerprints on the lens?

Exclusively designed by Minato-shaped hood, to prevent the lens from fingerprints is tangible problem, is simply not easily to get touch.

Let's have a look back at the history
Similar examples I could cite more, all-x100 are with the same focal length of about 40 fixed-focus lens 
Benefits of this design,
[1] Compact, we look at several common Hood analogy, not much to say at a glance

[2] a perfect match with the original lens cover, without disassembling without being inverted, and consequently stays dry, cover like, exactly the same with the original feel.
[3] almost put an end to the hybrid viewfinder block, including all the products available in the market, including the original hood, the installation after viewing angle within the viewfinder will seriously affect the machine, shop design, the hood does not become a viewfinder obstacles, plug it
Note: Text below is just translated from [Google Translate] Original text is in Chinese. Just for reference (might be confusing to understand) 
[4] better shading effect, hood While each dimension are calculated back and forth to verify the results of the scrutiny, large aperture, the shading effect a compromise, smaller, impact damage optical imaging, various other aspects of the design of each system Elements do not say here, and here I can assure While hood can be achieved better than the open hood shading effect, and no negative impact on the image

The second-generation hood made improvements on many details, thickness thinner than first generation, processing more refined, also put the same with the second generation of foreign-owned factories Ring customization, quality circle can be the same with Ring point!

Finally, if you still do not like this way, the second generation of the Ring has supported the original lens cap, hood thin one, use at the same time

We exclusively design, this product contains a hood plus a Ring, Ring can support the installation UV lens hood installed, all threaded connections, install the hood at the same time without any additional action can be a perfect match for original lens cover

Has applied for patents, counterfeiting of complaints in the end, home design company to work overtime every day really is not easy

*Four advantages
1.) The only perfectly match w/ the original lens cap
2.) You can buy the best shading effect
3) Minimal impact on the Hybrid Viewfinder
4.) The thickness of the thinnest, smallestYou can buy the best actual shading effect hood for x100
With the feel to the original hood
Put together: Hood, UV Filter, adapter ring, lens cap

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