Gopro Hero 2 Hero 3 HD Helmet Head Strap Mount Wearing Heaband accessories Head Band

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For use on: Gopro Hero HD/2/3

AEE SD19/SD20/SD26 series.

Compatible with all GOPRO camera HERO3\HERO2\HD model.

Characteristics: practicality, antiskid design, versatile connections DIY Super accessories

 Can will GoPro HD movement camera head wearing in head Shang production products special little GoPro Head Strap Mount GoPro  with head  type beam brought head  type fixed brought, can advises GoPro fixed in helmet or head Shang veneered a general size, can Zambia whole Jia with fixed location NI Dragon fixed brought stub poly carbonated ester material quality Jia with design plan fixed brought back check sliding design plan, stub muscle lotion received  when more why solid veneered car and the other  limited chasing after begins to  shadow will prepare installation prepare head with. Surfing, skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, and other helpers. Size adjustable headband, non-slip solid design, movement does not fall off. To bring your photographic moments.

This product adopts high elastic epoxy elastic band and processed. Import PC materials used in fittings. Nuts are made of 304 stainless steel material. By REACH and ROHS environmental certification.

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